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Plagiarism Prevention

Detect plagiarism and improve students' writing standards
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The Plagiarism Prevention service assists you in detecting web-based plagiarism in your students' assignments. This service is provided through Turnitin.com.

You can submit assignments for checking on behalf of your students, or you can get students to submit assignments directly to this service. The program scans the document for similarities with a variety of databases. It generates a report which highlights possible plagiarized paragraphs and provides the corresponding source.

06/12/10: CIT announces the launch of two plagiarism prevention utilities!

IVLE Workbin Integration for Plagiarism Check

You can now enable a check for plagiarism for Student Submission folders in your IVLE Workbin. Depending on the settings chosen, either you or your students can submit documents directly to Turnitin without having to create a Turnitin Class/Assignment. Please take a look at the Usage Guide for instructions on using this IVLE Workbin feature.

Quick Submit for Plagiarism Check

This utility enables you to check any document without having to create a Turnitin Class/Assignment.
Please avail it at https://plagiarism.cit.nus.edu.sg (only for NUS Staff).

NOTE: Please ensure that you have the minimum system requirements before using the Turnitin system.


Instructions for Students & Faculty Members

If you are new to the service, please follow the instructions below.


  1. Before logging into Turnitin, be sure to get the Class ID and Enrollment Password from your Instructor.
  2. After logging in to Turnitin, click the link to Enroll in a Class with the Class ID and Enrollment Password provided by your Instructor.
  3. On entering the Class homepage, click the relevant assignment folder to open it. Submit your document by following the instructions provided by Turnitin.
  4. You can view the Originality Report, once it is ready, if your Instructor has enabled this option. A ghosted icon indicates that the Report has not yet been generated.
    * In some cases, it can take a few hours for the processing of your submission.


  1. Once you login to Turnitin, you need to create a Class. Note down the Class ID (a number generated by Turnitin) and the Enrollment Password that you entered for this Class.
  2. Create an Assignment folder within the Class. Your students will need to upload their submissions into this folder. Set the opening and closing dates along with other options as required.
  3. Distribute the Class ID and Enrollment Password to your students. Also instruct them to upload their documents to the relevant folder within the Class.
  4. Inform your students to login to their Turnitin account via this page ( http://cit.nus.edu.sg/plagiarism-prevention/) by using their NUS Email account particulars.

To view the Originality Report:

  1. Click on the Class name link.
  2. Click on 'View' in the Assignment title row.
  3. Click on the Similarity Index % bar under the Report column for any submission.