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geNiUSworld consists of geNiUSchannel and geNiUSbooks. geNiUSchannel, for NUS staff and students, is to create and share educational and informative videos, as well as geNiUSbooks, which are web-based interactive books created using Microsoft Sway. These interactive books may be created by NUS staff and students for other NUS users to use, annotate and modify, or they may be created by students for note-taking and sharing. geNiUSchannel is a digital video sharing portal with videos classified under talks (geNiUStalks), video logs (geNiUSvlogs), guides (geNiUSguides), virtual reality (virtualgeNiUS), etc.

Video contents in geNiUSchannel are classified under the various sub-categories:

  • geNiUStalks
  • geNiUSbooks
  • geNiUSvlogs
  • geNiUSguides
  • virtualgeNiUS

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Log-in to the portal by selecting NUSSTF for staff or NUSSTU for students and sign-in with your NUSNET account.

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