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Classroom Performance System



Classroom Response System Support

Classroom Response System

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Clickers for classrooms

  • Classroom clickers increase interactivity during lectures or conferences
  • Questions can be predetermined or on-the-fly. Responses collated instantly and displayed on screen.
  • Demonstration
  • Software


The Classroom Response System, powered by TurningPoint, is designed to promote interactivity and participation in a lecture or conference setting.

This system consists of a radio frequency receiver connected to a computer via USB, a set of response units (one is pictured on the top right) and the TurningPoint software which enables the interactive responses.

Questions can be prepared beforehand or on the spot. You can use the Classroom Response System in conjunction with PowerPoint and/or a wireless writing tablet. Results are displayed on screen instantly so that you can gauge the level of understanding. You can also set up quizzes to spice up lessons.


The video belows shows the use of the Classroom Response System during a lecture.

Download video: MP4 | Webm | Ogg



IMPORTANT! Please uninstall any previous versions of the TurningPoint software on your computer before upgrading.

TurningPoint 5.1.1
TurningPoint 5.2.1