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Breeze Support

Breeze DIY | Mac Alternatives

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PowerPoint + audio + simple interactivity = Breeze

Breeze, powered by Adobe Presenter, is an authoring tool which makes use of PowerPoint, enabling you to add audio, video and interactivity to create standalone web-accessible presentations.

Adobe Presenter 10 now allows users to publish their PowerPoint presentation in HTML5 format.

* You can only install Breeze (Adobe Presenter) for Windows. Breeze presentations can be viewed on Windows and Mac.


SQL and Programming Languages

SQL and Programming Languages
Dr Bressan Stephane
Department of Computer Science

Operations with Matrices

Operations with Matrices
Assistant Professor Victor Tan
Department of Mathematics

Noun Modification

Noun Modification
Ms Misako Suzuki
Centre for Language Studies

Shaping eLearning at NUS

Shaping eLearning at NUS
Mr Narayanan Shyam
Centre for Instructional Technology



All you require are a computer with an internet connection, a headset with microphone and Microsoft PowerPoint (2007/2010) on Windows. It is also good to find a quiet place to minimise background noise, and to schedule enough time to create the Breeze presentation.

Register for Breeze (New user only)

  1. Register here.
  2. Wait for confirmation email (by next working day).
  3. Proceed to Downloading and Installing Breeze after receiving confirmation email.
  4. Note that the Registration for Breeze is to allow CIT to allocate a serial number under your NUSNET userid.

Downloading and Installing Breeze (Adobe Presenter 10.0)

  1. If you have an older version of Adobe Presenter already installed, please uninstall it first.
  2. Click to obtain the serial number which is required during installation. (Only accessible if you have registered for Breese)
  3. Download Adobe Presenter 10 from here: https://www.adobe.com/go/trypresenter/
  4. You will be asked for an Adobe account, simply create one if you do not have one, there is no licensing issue.
    * Please do not use your NUSNET Password for the password.
  5. Install Adobe Presenter 10.
  6. Remember to key in the serial number obtained in Step 2.
  7. Open Microsoft PowerPoint.
  8. Configure Adobe Presenter Preferences (to set up publishing server).

Support and FAQs

  1. How do I set up NUS Breeze server as the publishing server in Adobe Presenter.
  2. I have published my Presentation to the Breeze Server, how do I link my Breeze Presentation to IVLE.
  3. How do I set the Breeze presentation to be viewable by NUS staffs or students only?
  4. I keep failing to publish my Presentation to the Breeze server, can you show me an alternative method.
  5. My PowerPoint just crashed and I lost my Adobe Presenter tab, how do I enable it back?

For more Breeze Support, please go to the CIT Breeze Wiki page.

Mac Alternatives

Mac users are often forgotten. At CIT we try to ensure cross-platform availability for the services we provide. In cases where the products or services we offer are not Mac-compatible, here is where you can find alternatives. Please contact us if you are face other Mac compatibility issues with CIT's services.


Alternatives to Breeze DIY Courseware

Breeze enables the creation and publishing of standalone audio-enhanced presentations. Unfortunately, Adobe only develops this product for Windows. Here are a few alternatives to Breeze for Mac users.

Audio narration within presentation software

If you have Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac or Apple Keynote '09 (part of iWork '09), you can add audio narration to your presentation slides.

Keynote '09: Page 101-102 of the Keynote '09 User Guide [pdf]

Office 2008 for Mac: Record Narration

Publication options for both vary. Both Keynote and Office allow exporting of presentations as QuickTime movies and other formats. Do note that the default options may result in unwieldy file sizes.

Screen Recording

Mac users can now make screen recordings with Camtasia Relay or Ink2Go. These are provided by CIT.

A basic and free screen recording alternative for Macs is Jing.

More advanced (but commercial) options include ScreenFlow, Snapz Pro X, iShowU and ProfCast. Please approach your respective Faculty IT Units and follow NUS procurement procedures to obtain these software.



Copyright Notice

By applying for this service, you are declaring that you own all copyright for materials to be displayed or have obtained the necessary copyright clearance for these materials.